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Service Calls for Outages

Your power just went out. You checked the neighborhood, your local PUD outage website, and determined the problem is somewhere in your electrical system.

Sometimes the problem is a breaker tripped and can be easily fixed. But other times, blown fuses create issues, especially if you don’t know where they are located. Before you start troubleshooting on your own, give us a call.

We will determine what type of response is needed: from 24-hour emergency electrical service to next available appointment. We will diagnose the important issues, get your power back up and running, determine any additional services that might need to be addressed, and make sure your home’s electrical system is working as intended.

What if I'm apprehensive to call?

We get it. When something goes wrong, all you see is dollar signs, and it can be hard to know who to trust. At Newman Electric, we pride ourselves on having earned the trust of every one of our customers. We communicate estimated costs for essential repairs. We fix what needs to be fixed. Even if we need to fix everything, we’re going to give you options including the bare minimum, to keep you safe.

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