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We partner with contractors and construction companies to bring high-quality electrical sub-contracting services to remodels and new construction.

Full Remodel Rough-in to Trim (Finish)

There’s more to remodeling a home or commercial space than just tearing down old fixtures and replacing them. Often it means replacing the entire anatomy of an electrical system from panels and wires to switches and outlets.

Before the drywall is in place, we pride ourselves on perfectly straight and precise runs of wire from the panel to every fixture, outlet, and switch. This precision allows us to rough-in every planned space for electricity. Once drywall and construction is complete, we install light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches and more with the same level of detail and care.

New Construction

When working on new construction, we bring our signature level of precision and detail to every project. We start new construction projects with temporary electrical service setup so contractors can begin their work without running generators. We handle connecting the home’s electrical system to the county power grid running underground conduit and wires. And we ensure that every stage of the electrical system installation is safe, seamless, and high quality.